Friday, April 16, 2010

flower of the week

My new favorite: parrot tulips! like an early peony. can't wait for the purple ones to come up.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Look what I scored!

3 kings monkey!, originally uploaded by kimmiecashie.

Adriana made me this insanely adorable crocheted monkey for our holiday knitter swap. Wow. I love it. I wish there was more than 2 minutes of daylight in these parts so I could photograph the immense detail.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

finished object Wednesday!

pattern: Bumble up scarf
yarn spud and chloe outer in carbon(1) and soapstone(2)

The pic is dark and I'm holding back my mad hair, but you get the idea.

Monday, January 04, 2010

new years resolution WIP

This year I decided to try to take better care of my eyes and not sleep in my contacts. Okay, that's not realistic for me. I'm not going to sleep in my contacts every night. I cannot see much without them and I'm a stumbly mess until contacts are in my peepers. I can hardly find my glasses in the morning or see the alarm clock. So here I am getting ready for bed in my ugly glasses and new egyptian cotton jammies from James holding my new contact case. I hope to God I can find it in the morning.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

3/50 Local Business Project

In an effort to keep money in the community I've decided to do the 3/50 project in June. There's more info on the project here As much as I enjoy the bargains of online shopping and chains, zero dollars returns to the place I call home when I shop online and only 43% when I make a target run.

If I counted wegmans The challenge wouldn't be a challenge because I basically hand them gobs of money every month. So I decided to make it small local businesses.

This was harder than I thought. I thought I would cheat and include the down payments for the reception site and the band our upcoming wedding. Well I thought that was probably cheating too.
So here are my 3 local business I supported this month.

1.) Waterlily Spa.
I"m hesitant to recommend this place cause if it gets busy and loses it's small place charm I'll cry. But considering 7 people read this blog it's cool. This is an amazing itty bitty spa owned by the sweetest prettiest lady Beth. It's calmer, and quieter than the big name places in town. Dawn is the most amazing waxer and Jenny give a phenomenal pedicure and we chat about our coonhounds. If you are a germa-phobe it is the cleanest place to get a pedicure. No jets for dirty water to back up in. personally, I'm not afraid of foot fungus.

2.) Then I treated my animals to Park Ave Pets . A very adorable pet store on Monroe Ave. I picked up some litter, and dog food, a stuffed mouse that Beau had no interest in and a dog toy for Bertie. My total came to $50.07. I was impressed with myself.

3.) Then I needed some knitting needles. How have I not purchased every needle under the sun at this point? I got the nice addi turbos at Yarn Boutique. Love them. I didn't spend $ 50.00 dollars there. 1 cause I'ma cheater and 2 cause the owner discounted them. I've never in my life seen any yarn store discount needles. Amelia is amazing.

and then some.)Then my house and car fell apart. I had a repair done by a big name plumber. Hey if you know a good plumber in the Rochester area that doesn't have a 3 month waiting list, let me know. Then I was impatient and forgot that I could learn to patch the holes in the wall from the plumber and that I have a fairly handy fiance. So like an idiot I hired a guy to do that. Then during a routine oil change and my pesky check engine light was on. This is typical with my old stupid european car that I for some reason love. Turns out I need not one but two cadalydic converters. It is just my calling to support local business this month. Blargh. But I have to say the guys at Sutherland are amazing. So nice, prompt, honest and fair.

So long story short, this month I'm broke, but I did my part for the Rochester I love.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

hooray for rosey girl

I chose a commenter at random and rosey girl won 2 skeins of cashmerino.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the art of giving (or not giving) hand knit gifts

When I first started knitting I knit every one I could think of something at Christmas. Then I slowly came to believe I would knit only for those that appreciated it. That left my sisters and babies. Babies don't usually show their disdain for hand knits. Well, the list is getting shorter and shorter. I may have to stick to knitting only for other knitters and of course, babies.

A few weeks ago, my sister a sewer got on the threadbanger site and wanted to show me some cowls and scarflettes. She was hinting that I could maybe knit her one. I noticed one in the my so called scarf pattern. I said," hey that's like the scarf I knit you Christmas 2007." Her response was less than thrilling. "It is?" sh had no recollection of it. Even when I looked up the colorway. Then I realized it was on ravelry clearly stated that it was made for Missy. Still nothing. Oh boy! We were both embarassed. I think I need to rethink my knit gift giving policy.

I have more yarn to give away. This is some debbie bliss cashmerino aran in a nice spring color. There are 2 skeins in moss. A total of 180 meters or 196.8 yards. Leave me a comment about your handknit giving gift policy or a favorite gift you received and I'll select someone at random to send this too.