Sunday, July 30, 2006

baby hat for Bambino Alquist

Cousin Kristin is having a baby and learning from what drudgery it can be to knit a baby blanket I decided to do a project that I'd actually finish. I tried the baby hat from the One Skein book and after 3 failed attempts I threw in the towel and just modified an adult hat pattern for one much smaller. I'm pretty pleased with it. Surprisingly, a few males have ooooed and awwed it's cuteness. I'm happy to have a gift for the shower that is actually finished. Unlike last years episode of wrapping up something on the sticks with a note saying I'd return it as soon as it was completed.

Friday, July 28, 2006

a finished object.

So I skipped out on my chicks meeting at Lux cause I had the flu. Having the flu is boring and uncomfortable. Sick in the summer....ewww. i remember having the flu when I was a kid and I think I just slept a lot. I was too zapped to knit but too uncomfortable to sleep. anyways I have a few pics of a scarf I made that is a terrible color for me but I thought the color would look great against my blue coat this coming winter.

lots to see

create your own visited countries map
According to this I've seen 5% of the world which is actually an overestimation. I've seen so little of Canada tha I don't think it counts. I cheated a little with nicaragua too. I was in nicaraguan water while visiting Costa rica.