Friday, October 24, 2008

my first fair isle

Lillehamer is finished. I was very nervous about it being I messed my first colorwork project up big time. This was knit on size 5 needles using Knitpicks telemark in black, charcoal heather and bayberry.

This is also the project that I discovered the true magic of blocking. It was pretty lumpy and bumpy not to mention looking like it would fit a toddler at best and not a grown man with a full head of hair.

I made this for Chip. A long time business associate, for lack of a better term, of my family. He's like a version of my Dad, but more grown up with a full time job. I got word that he was retiring from my Uncle and cried and then made a hat. He is an avid skier and I thought that in his retirement he could use a new hat to do more skiing in. Turns out my Uncle is crazy and he is not retiring. With a fibbing family like mine, I need a Chip in my life. At least for another year or so.