Thursday, September 07, 2006

wrapping up wedding season.

Well 2 weddings down and and 1 to go. I brought some knitting but with all the work that goes into being a professional bridesmaid I was only able to knit a few rows while at the hairdressers. Man, there was the helping pack for the honeymoon, cleaning out the fridge. nThis girl was in no shape to leave there house for 14 days. I was thinking about leaving her to deal with her consequences and closing the bedrrom door and settling in for some reading, knitting and some shut eye. After all I have to look presentable in my incredibly shiny dress. After all, I didn't decide to go on my honey moon immediately following the wedding. And what has she been doing this last week with work off? brides, I tell ya.

anyways, my knitting is resembling that of the tent in which the event took place. It's a cowl next sleeveless sweater with a cheap pattern from Joann's. I've substitutes some Blue sky cotton for the acryllic and chose white. I'm the spill queen what was aI thinking. I eventually got gauge but this thing is looking huge. A huge white tent. I think. I'll probably end up dyeing it some deeper shade if it starts to look less tent like. Will post pics soon.