Thursday, November 08, 2007

fall loving & summer optimism

Fall is finally here. To be honest, we have completely skipped my favorite part of fall this year. You know the sunny days and crisp evenings. Nonetheless, I'm loving the season. When I got my puppy on memorial day I was wondering if I'd hate walking the dog at 6:45 Am in the cold. So far so good. Nothing that a handknit hat can't cure! I've been so energized the last few weeks. It;s the time of year that I hear complaints of lethargy. Everyone else's seasonal affective disorder is starting to set in from the lack of daylight and I'm just livening up. Perhaps I'm a vampire. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too. To me, it is just like Christmas without the expections and, well, without the gifts.

All that being said, there are some summer things I hate to let go of no matter how much I love fall. Every year I keep my herbs out well past frost. Once they are completely destroyed I toss them. It's my foolish optimism. I think, "hey, they still have some life in 'em. They are going to grow some more. " When I moved into my current apartment I swore I had central air just because the thermastat said so and cold air blew out of the registers when I turned it on in December.The then boyfriend said it was impossible because there was no where for air exchange ouside. My response was, "SHHH, I believe!" Of course he was right in the end, but whatever. As I shift more towards realism I brought my herbs in and cut a ton of lavendar and rosemary. I hoping I have enough basil for some pesto. MMMm.
Now I have to take my baked apple, cranberry clementine desert out of the oven. Yay!