Wednesday, September 10, 2008

final summer of yarn love package.

My secret pal was Joanne, who was oh so good to me.

Monday, September 08, 2008

woops I messed up the Uh Ohs.

uh oh 2, originally uploaded by kimmiecashie.

I finally felted something publicly. he way felted items feels gives me the creeps. J thinks I have Synesthesia but I just have texture issues. I don't hear colors I just don't like the way chenille and felted goods feel. I don't really like how broccoli tickles the roof of my mouth and I definitely don't like o be surprised by tapioca balls in bubble tea. Are you supposed to chew them or just swallow?
Anyways, I made this piece for baby K. When finishing up these guys, I really saw the top nubs as ears and not arms. Then I looked at some others on ravelry and they are definitely arms. And then I looked at the pattern. Yeah, they are arms. I was abut to rip out the stitches and then I remember that baby K doesn't know the difference between and ear and an arm.