Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why do I love this critter?

Currently this cat of mine is eating his hairbrush and hasn't slept in at least 22 hours. On Average cats sleep 16 hours a day and I'm not sure how it is possible that he is still alive except that he is being sustained with crazy by his morphine patch.

Beau has surgery yesterday to remove an absess tooth. It was an expensive lil procedure but I agreed as I promised myself I would make myself a dentist appointment first. There is something wrong with a the cats dental care taking a higher priority to my own no matter how much I hate going to the dentist.

When I picked up my lil buddy at the vet yesterday I had no idea what was in store. His little arm is bruised from the IV and he has a yellow sweater to keep his morphine patch on. He never looked so stoned in his life. HUge Huge pupils. I was handed some kitty painkillers and a bottle of antibiotics and sent on my way. I was warned he may act a lil loopy on the morphine. This critter has not slept. he keeps running into walls and rolling over.

I didn't sleept much last night because Beau kept pestering me. It made me think of my friends aaron and Jen who just had a baby girl. They also must be oretty sleepless right now. Nothing was stranger than seeing my highschool friend be pregnant...on purpose! After staying up and trying to soothe kitty last night I'm starting to think I wouldn't be able to hack motherhood. Yet, I have yet to meet a newborn that can stay awake for 22 plus hours.

I'm afraid to write this as it may jinx it all. But as I type, Beau's eyelids are getting heavy. I put a book on CD in cause he loves to hear mens voices and it seems to be doing the trick.