Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been a lil bad but my secret pal soooo good.

Okay so my secret pal sent me a fabulous fabulous goody package almost a month ago and I have yet to post about it. they should really kick me out. But you know somme people suck at life a little bit. i am one of those people. I can't juggle moving, christmas, quitting caffeine, and blogging. Just can't.

But, better late than never. It was an amazing package. It was housewarming and christmas. So nice.

She knit a beautiful lace scarf using kid silk haze. Can you believe she did her first lace project in kid silk haze. Amazing. I recieved a quilting book and a handknit cloth and yummy smelling soap. she also thoughtfully included double pointed needle holders. i never used them and I'm so excited to be a more organized knitter. The cutest thing of all i almost missed. it was at the bottom of the boxed and I'm sad to say almost went out with the recycyling. She knit the most adorable sweater ornament for my tree which is finally up, sigh. Secret pal you are amazing.