Tuesday, March 18, 2008

faster than labor booties.

If a person were to get a text message that her pal went into labor at 3:38AM and then you got up and went to the yarn store after it opened and bought some angora. Then knit them up while watching a few episodes of the office. And finally, blocked them, odds are there would still be no baby. Hmm, I wondering if I could pop them in the mail and they'd be in Albany before the baby arrives. I"ll post finished pics after it dries. I meant the booties but that could totally go for the baby too. I"m so excited cause we don't know if it's a boy and a girl. I think I will love the baby even though baby owes me money. ( I lost the pool that the baby would be born on Friday.) It's never too early to start a resentment...Kidding.

The official name of the pattern is' angel booties' but I prefer 'faster than labor booties'. Knit up on size 5 dpn's and plymouth angora in a teal. I have no idea what consists of a gender neutral colors. I think colors are for everyone yet laugh to myself when men wear super fruity colors. I'm a total hypocrite.

And now some quotes from Juno.

Vanessa: I wanted to pick something gender-neutral for now. Once we get the baby, god willing, we can create a more decisive palette.

Mark: Why do people think yellow is gender-neutral? I don't know one man with a yellow bedroom.


jenna said...

I know the booties of which you speak---super cute! But I never saw Juno. What's my problem? Dollar Theater, here I come.

binet said...

i haven't seen it yet either.

where did you get this mystical angora? k&p? every fuzzy-ish yarn in my stash looks like poo at that gauge.