Tuesday, June 03, 2008


When I bought this house a few months ago I signed a sheet of paper that for a dollar I acquired the following household goods.
-All kitchen appliances
-Pool equipment

Never in my life has a dollar bought so much.
In the garage I've inherited...
-What A believe is the oldest ice axe in the western world.
- a patio set
-one utility glove
-a ladder circa 1957
-an empty bucket.
--spare aluminum pieces
-All the original light fixtures,
-Several light fixtures from the seventies.
- a bag of mulch.
-something that smells like fertilizer.
-some pool equipment
-At least a hundred bricks

In the basement...
-A washer and dryer (score!)
-several miscellanous tiles
-2 turntables
-some speakers
- a broom
-a bucket of rags
- several sponges

I've also inherited some bad plumbing, creepily nice neighbors, lots of space, lots of future projects, some home equity or at least the opportunity for it, and freedom to do what I want to this dwelling.

PS the color of my walls and my gross pipes match.

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erin michelle said...

the joys of home ownership, dude.