Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks SP!

I'm pretty late in posting this but I couldn't find my camera cable to upload the photos. So, at this point, the chamomile and cat greens seeds SP gave me have already been planted and are sprouting. My summer of yarn love swap pal has been super good to me and super sneaky! The president of our neighborhood association hand delivered a beautifully wrapped package. My pal contacted her about being the go-between. I'm surprised she was cool being the delivery person, but as it turns out she is also a knitter. My package had tons of goodies. She or he went above and beyond. I was spoiled with funky keys, some dark chocolate, rowan summer tweed in a pretty blue, A matching one skein wonders pattern book, some scone mix and lemon curd which was enjoyed this weekend at a gals brunch. I had some smores ingredients. The marshmallows in there are to die for! They melt perfectly in hot cocoa. There are the most gorgeous cloth bird hanging. Both Beau and Albert are intrigued by it. Secret Pal also remembered the critters with some cat greens and dogie doughnuts. Bertie loved the treats! There are too may goodies in this package to list. Thanks again SP!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Gotcha day

It's official. Okay I'm officially late but Albert and I have been friends for one year (and some days). Albert is close to memorial day and the cat's gotcha day was labor day.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


When I bought this house a few months ago I signed a sheet of paper that for a dollar I acquired the following household goods.
-All kitchen appliances
-Pool equipment

Never in my life has a dollar bought so much.
In the garage I've inherited...
-What A believe is the oldest ice axe in the western world.
- a patio set
-one utility glove
-a ladder circa 1957
-an empty bucket.
--spare aluminum pieces
-All the original light fixtures,
-Several light fixtures from the seventies.
- a bag of mulch.
-something that smells like fertilizer.
-some pool equipment
-At least a hundred bricks

In the basement...
-A washer and dryer (score!)
-several miscellanous tiles
-2 turntables
-some speakers
- a broom
-a bucket of rags
- several sponges

I've also inherited some bad plumbing, creepily nice neighbors, lots of space, lots of future projects, some home equity or at least the opportunity for it, and freedom to do what I want to this dwelling.

PS the color of my walls and my gross pipes match.