Monday, February 02, 2009

Giveaway! deadline: Saturday 2/7

So I'm back to blogging again...for now. My poor defunct little blog. I think I like the idea of knitting more than actual knitting. After cleaning out my stash I know I definitely like buying yarn more than I like knitting it. That's not completely true. I just really like colors and texture even if I have no idea what I will do with them. My big downfall has been the close of several LYSs. Which brought some serious sales that I definitely partook in. I partook without any idea what I would knit this yarn into.

Last weekend, I dumped my entire stash on the floor. Serious mountain of yarn carnage. I thought about taking a picture and sharing it but it was too disturbing. I destashed about 35% of the stash. I'll never take the time to photograph and sell it all. So I decided to send a substantial box to Interim House . A residential and outpatient rehab facility where their knitting program has really taken off. If my impulsiveness can help someone find the therapeutic gifts knitting has to offer than it hasn't all been a waste.

There were several skeins that I kept to giveaway. Why you may I ask. Because I liked them too much to give to a someone that wouldn't love it. Or maybe it will keep me more accountable to my blog. I dunno. So in the spirit of pending valentines day I am giving away 4 very pink skeins(138 yds x's 4) of Manos del Uruguay wool in color #47, Cerise. Just leave a comment saying what your favorite charity is and I will pick someone at random. Considering no one reads this definct blog your odds of winning are real high.


krazybarrister said...

it's all about the kids, for me, so my vote goes for the boys & girls club of rochester.

and hey, i read! (not just for giveaways)

Kathleen said...

I love Manos yarns, and would love to knit this into something lovely...maybe a hat or a bag.

My favorite charity: Project Peanut Butter

Check them out!

I'm going to Twitter this giveaway for you, so hopefully you'll get some more people stopping by.

Dorothy said...

We have a local knitting charity - Knitting Connection, that delivers handknit items to various shelters and hospitals.

I read your blog!

ikkinlala said...

My favourite charity right now is the Sierra Club.

erin michelle said...

food not bombs. i <3 you. xoxo.