Thursday, April 23, 2009

the art of giving (or not giving) hand knit gifts

When I first started knitting I knit every one I could think of something at Christmas. Then I slowly came to believe I would knit only for those that appreciated it. That left my sisters and babies. Babies don't usually show their disdain for hand knits. Well, the list is getting shorter and shorter. I may have to stick to knitting only for other knitters and of course, babies.

A few weeks ago, my sister a sewer got on the threadbanger site and wanted to show me some cowls and scarflettes. She was hinting that I could maybe knit her one. I noticed one in the my so called scarf pattern. I said," hey that's like the scarf I knit you Christmas 2007." Her response was less than thrilling. "It is?" sh had no recollection of it. Even when I looked up the colorway. Then I realized it was on ravelry clearly stated that it was made for Missy. Still nothing. Oh boy! We were both embarassed. I think I need to rethink my knit gift giving policy.

I have more yarn to give away. This is some debbie bliss cashmerino aran in a nice spring color. There are 2 skeins in moss. A total of 180 meters or 196.8 yards. Leave me a comment about your handknit giving gift policy or a favorite gift you received and I'll select someone at random to send this too.


E to the M said...

I usually knit a scarf for the Yankee swap at work because I like to see my gift coveted (it's an ego boost). I usually knit for my immediate family but last year had no time to knit for anyone. I've taken to knitting for birthdays now because it means I have less kitting to do all at once. And I only knit for people who I think will appreciate it, or who would if they could (that's for my 8 year-old).

dogwithbooks said...

I worked for 3 months, knitting socks made out of Claudia's Hand Painted collection for my nieces' (5, 2, & 1) birthdays - all within days of one another. The day after they received them, all 3 pairs of socks "got lost" somewhere within their house. They haven't been "found" since. Unless someone specifically asks me to, I'm not going knit gifts for anyone else again. ;)

Myownigloo said...

Babies are my faves. Parents really appreciate getting hand done things and the babies look so cute in them.

Also, I like to do fun things for teenagers and heirloom type things for brides.

I have so many projects lined up that I know will be appreciated, I doubt if anyone would forget.

roseygirl said...

I always knit for the children I look after(I work as a Nanny) And I love seeing the children wearing the creations I have made for them!

krazybarrister said...

i generally do not knit for holidays but will usually knit for babies (time allowing!). then, there is the occasional birthday gift for those i know will appreciate them.

ikkinlala said...

I hardly ever give handknits (other than little things like dishcloths) to anyone outside my immediate family, and when I do it's not for holidays because I don't need to increase the last-minute panic.