Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have finally knit a sweater that I don't hate. After a few years of knitting, I have made something I will actually wear. Well, besides the countless hats, scarves and gloves I've made. I made my first sweater (lumpy bumpy tri-color trainwreck cardigan in a sweater making class only to find (1) The pattern ugly and assymetrical on purpose b/f modifying it (2) The yarn uber expensive (3) The class did not teach any finishing techniques. Reason number three explains why it has one puffy cap sleeve and one flat. I wilnevr wear that thing. I'm ripping the hell out of it.

I later found a sweater pattern with no seaming required and although I got gauge it was tent size. To make matters worse I knit it in white. People could throw a party under this thing. I used the same pattern but went down a needle size amd knit the extra small and ta da! A wearable sweater is born! Even though nothing on me is an extra small I'm pleased this one turned out.

Blue sky alpaca cotton
pattern is from michaels called trendy knit tops.

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Dorothy said...

The sweater is beautiful! Congratulations!