Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ungraduation day

My lil monster Albert Is supposed to graduate from obedience class today. It's more like taking boards than graduation. A graduation by definiton marks a completetion. i think in this case it is a misnomer. It should be called obedience finals, or better yet, obedience practical examination. He has to sit and stay with me 15 feet in front of him for 30 seconds and do the same for down and a bunch of other impossible tasks. There is a whole points system. I didn't even ask how manypoints it takes to pass because Honestly there is no way in hell Bert is gonna pass. Even though I gave him a pep talk this morning that stated otherwise. ( The people in the whitecoas are probably coming to take me real soon.) he can do most of the tasks at home eh say 70 % of the time. But never in a room full of dogs and exciting smells. I was going to skip out of the whole embarassing event until I decided not to take his slow learning curve personally. So Albert is being help back from basic obedience and we will keep on truckin in another class.

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