Sunday, February 24, 2008

to the makers of super glue/crazy glue etc.

Super glue saves my "A." yet again. So darling Kitty has had a thing out for washing machines and dryers from day one. At my old apartment I had to lodge a six y six piece of wood so the devil in fur wouldn't dis-attach the dryer vent. A former favorite past time. KArma is a "B." even for cats.I lodged a giant 6x6 piece of wood there to keep him out. One day I moved the plank to paint the dining room and during one of his freak outs, he knocked over the giant piece of wood on his toes. he ended breaking his little pinky toe. Now in my new place, I found my laundry hose was more of a sprinkler than a drainage hose. I found a cat sized tooth mark in the hose. He is the devil in fur. I was going to buy a new hose but frst I tried to electrical tape it. Water oozed out. Then I tried a little super glue. Good as new.

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binet said...

hahaha nice fix.