Wednesday, February 20, 2008

red carpet un-ready.

red carept 2, originally uploaded by kimmiecashie.

Every now and again I reuse a bridesmaid dress and wear it to a charity event. The photo above was from a habitat for humanity 'cement mixer.' Clever name huh? Well this year I'm not exactly attending a charity event and I bought a brand new dress around Christmas time which I'm kind of regretting since the whole house buying adventure. But I can maybe wear it to a wedding or two this summer. I am going to an academy awards party at the George Eastman house. I'm pretty sure it will be a bunch of old folks and Jenny and I but I'm way excited to watch the Academy Awards at the Dryden theatre after they take our pics on the red carpet and we have our 1 free cocktail. The proceeds go to the museum so that is nice. I bought the tickets as a christmas gift for Jenny after we decided we had too much stuff. Therefore, we should do something together for our gifts to each other instead of hoarding more crap. I enjoyed a cooking class from her in December. Anywho, The purse in the above picture is hideous, especially with the dress. So I was thinking of knitting/sewing a small evening bag. Except, the event is Sunday and it is now Wednesday evening. I wonder what I have in my stash. It probably won't happen but ideas are pretty much my favorite part of knitting.


Dorothy said...

You look GORGEOUS in the dress - I love the necklace too. I keep thinking about hosting an Oscar party. It always dies though, 'cause DH could care less. Have a BLAST at your party!

jenna said...

You lookin' bootylicious. I hope the party was fun!