Tuesday, July 22, 2008

destashing .

***WARNING***The following photos may break some yarn addicts hearts***

My friend Bill rescued Beau after his former owners threw him in a dumpster. Beau doesn't know he is dumpster kitty. He only deserves the best in life...or else. Or else, he will find a basket of squishy yarn to pee in.

One of the things I was looking forward to when I moved into the house was putting the dreaded litter box in the basement. Whenever I had company coming over, nature called for Beau. So annoying! My cat is also a fancy-pants. I have always changed his litter once a week. Not even the scoop thing...a complete change. Now that the box is in the basement, I let it slip and hadn't changed it in 2 weeks.

So I had some necessary destashing to do. Fortunately, nothing too valuable was ruined. Beau didn't get get returned to a dumpster but he was put in the basement for 2 hours until I cleaned up the mess and soothed myself with a couple episodes of the Office.

In the meantime, honeymoon cami is going smoothly. Just waiting for more yarn to come in. The last ball needed was pissed on by you know who.


bjl said...

what a stinker! it's super easy to forget/ignore the litter when it's in the basement. i keep a covered trashcan next to ours, so i can dump it without much effort.

poor, poor stash.

Myownigloo said...

You're right. Broken heart. I have to admit, though, that yarn stash container does look a little like a porta potty....