Monday, July 14, 2008

I made food!

Yesterday I made a pizza with a banana pepper FROM MY GARDEN! Yipee! I have actually veggies growing in my garden. By the way isn't that pic very american gothic. Not meant to be that way but still funny. The beans I started them from seed in my basement. I'm tickled by my teeny tiny tomatoes too! I had no idea how satisfying a veggie garden could be. I want to make sauce from my roma tomato plant. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know.

I do have a gardening flop though. I neglected my basil plant and it flowered like crazy and I have some bitter basil on my hands. Fortunately, I have another plant.

Supposedly, food taste better from your own garden. I'll be honest. That pepper tasted fair and my strawberries are very tart. But I'm still so excited that I actually grew food.

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