Saturday, December 01, 2007


Erin has tagged me so here they are. Eight things about me...

(1) I refused to eat artichokes for years because they had the word choke in them. Then my friends fiances brother told me that the choke was the inedible part of the delicious lil plant. Why don't we just call them arties?

(2) I cannot wink unless I am intoxicated. This has been a real difficult pill to swallow. I sometimes cheat and turn my head to the side so you can't actually see that I am just blinking. Shhhh. I bet there are zero men in this world without the innate ability to wink.

(3) I believe very strongly in a firm handshake. I judge people with a wussy handshake.

(4) I can write forwards with my right hand and backwards with my left hand.

(5) As a child I had three pet raccoons.

(6) In high school I was a cheerleader and prom queen but I also had braces, a back brace and bifocals.

(7) I heart llamas. In college, a friends Mother was going to paint me a sign for my dorm on some slate. They asked what I wanted painted on it I said a llama just to be a kook. Somehow, it turned into a dance that I can no longer do since back surgery. It's pretty much a contact sport and those just aren't allowed. When I Asked Darcy what she wanted for her kid's sweater she hoped it would be knit with llama wool. Well, she did until she realized she couldn't machine wash llama wool.

(8) Raemen noodles are my comfort food.


Dorothy said...

I hear ya about handshakes. Limp handshakes give me the willies. I was captain of the cheerleading squad in high school. I wasn't very cool - I just was the only girl on the squad with any kind of math ability to keep track of fundraising!

jenna said...

You never told us you were the PROM QUEEN! Wow! And I judge people on their limp handshakes, too. And also if they have a lisp.

How mad would you get if I made some kind of joke about Alexander being the only place where the prom queen would have braces, a back brace, and bifocals? :)