Saturday, December 08, 2007


My upstairs is comprised of three rooms. The ceilings are sloped because the upstairs is basically attic space. Although there is plenty of space, there is not much standing up straight space. It's very cozy like. That is until you clunk your head on the stucco. One room is the bedroom. The second room is way small and kind of cold. There are no closets in the house so I've deemed it the closet room with a rack of clothes a dresser and shoes. I also put the dogs crate and dog bed in there. Finally there is the front room with school projects, my desk and the yarn.
Recently, dog has been spending lots of time in the front room. I asked myself why I dint' put his kennel and or bed in this room. It is somewhat bigger and warmer. Then I quickly replied to myself, " because that is where the yarn is!"

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