Tuesday, December 04, 2007

with a little help from my friends.

I was in a crap mood over the weekend cause I didn't get the intern placement I wanted. I was supposed go out to see my step dad for his birthday but My Mom was worried about me driving in the weather so that was all the excuse I needed to stay home. I did end up leaving the barracks to meet Jenny for some Christmas shopping. She said she had a feeling I needed a pick me up and gave me the most adorable hand knit in Peru finger puppet from One World goods. Jenny is hilarious. She just can't wait until Christmas to give gifts. She is so excited about them she has to give them as soon as she can. One year she broke into my apartment (AKA used her key) and put my presents under the tree. Do you think it's a llama or an alpaca?


jenna said...

I knew I liked Jenny. :)

Dorothy said...

I think if it's Peruvian, it's an alpaca. But, of course, I could be totally wrong.

It's super cute though!