Monday, January 14, 2008

jet set

bootie, originally uploaded by kimmiecashie.

Knit these puppies up in a hurry for Shannon's baby shower this weekend. I used some angora blend I had stashed. They knit up quickly on size 5 double points with a free pattern called Angel Booties I found on ravelry.

On account of things not going as planned and cheap airfare, I ended up flying to the shower in Boston for a just a day. On the way there I thought a how much I don't travel as much as I used to. If I were having a bad week I'd call up my friend Aaron and just take off for the weekend. I had so few responsibilities and endless time. I was a lil envious of my old self until i remembered how miserable I was. Drinking at night to unwind and ingesting massive amount of caffeine in the morning to gear up. Running from nothing and everything. I love my boring life. I can't just take off on a whim especially with the dog. I'm not sure if impulsive travel is even an option anymore. Well not impulsive flights. With all this no liquids nonsense. After I got a TSA pat down in a separate room I conclude air travel is anything but glam these days.

It was nice to see Shannon. Holy crap she certainly blossomed at 40 lbs heavier than the last time I saw her. I knew this was probably the last time I'll see her for awhile. I almost never get to see her and with a baby I know it won't happen any time soon.

I sat on the plane looking forward t getting home and spending time with my animals. Although I certainly haven't settled down to the extent of pregnant Shannon or most of my college friends I couldn't wait to get home to my boring little life.

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