Saturday, January 26, 2008

The day 'keepin' it real Kim' died.

WARNING: Almost no knitting content, but what's new.

I have had many stages in my knitting life. The knit the same scarf over and over stage, the I enjoy buying yarn more than actually knitting stage, the always knit for others stage and currently, the I'm trying to stick with continental knitting phase.
Perhaps living in this neighborhood is just a phase. Don't get me wrong I deeply love the southwedge and I am a proud member of the NUTS. For the most part I have wonderful neighbors that maintain their properties and care about making the hod a nice place to live. Yet, after reflecting on some of the events since I moved here I may be all done with this hood. First there was the cockroach incident where neighbors had been evicted and their home had been condemned on account of the cockroaches. Cockroaches in the fall in the Northeast???!!! As they were exteiminated they migrated from house to house until frost came.
In May I got a beautiful dog during my I'm sad and want something to love phase. In August my dog was attacked by a neighbors loose unlicensed pit bull that by the grace of God I was able to break up. Wednesday morning it happened for a second time. My negligent neighbors still haven't licensed the dog, yet pleaded that I not call animal control because they "love" their dog so much. With some help from BinetI most certainly did call and file a deposition. I still have to testify in court and I'm not sure what I want the results to be besides that it never happens again. And I suppose it is not my business. It's just my business to testify and turn it over to the legal system.

I"m prepared to get responses that pit bulls get a bad wrap with all the breed specific legislation going on, but in my experience none of the german sheperds or labs or border collies have ever acted aggressively toward me or Bert. I have met a very darling pit bull that had a very responsible owner. I'm not against the breed pit bulls. I am against this dogs negligent owners. After his owner pulled him off my dog she cursed at it and kicked it. I actually feel quite badly for it.

To summarize my blathering I may be ready to move on now. I'm just about all done keeping it real. There are places you can live that don't attract low lives or so wealthy that they don't live in reality. But I'm attracted to extremes, even socioeconomically. My father grew up in an incredibly wealthy environment and my Mom didn't have running water in her house until she was 14 year old. I've heard of middle class and a middle ground i just don't have a lot of experience with it. So my new goal is to pursue some middle class neighborhood to live in with space for my dog to roam and my dangerous cat to lounge in. I'd love to find a place with a strong neighborhood association just like the Hickory Street nuts. So in the spirit of middle ground I"m going to knt with some Lornas laces Lion and lamb. 50% wool 50% silk.

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jenna said...

You are going to be a wonderful asset to any neighborhood you inhabit. Even the suburbs need caring citizens who do the right thing. Like you do. :)