Tuesday, January 02, 2007

snow: love it or hate it?

I personally love snow. one word: skiing. Downhill. Not wussy cross country but I did tell james I'd give x-country a second try. Thing is we would have to actually get snow in the northeast enjoy it. I feel like if it's going to be cold there should at least be sonme snow to recreate in.
I have lots of photos to upload but the damn digital camera is missing. In thr mist of the chaos that is december my camera has gone missing. I'm going to give the car one more search and if not i'll have to take some more photos using the worlds crappiest camera phone. ah well. -K


krazybarrister said...

love it. and am missing it. boo!

binet said...

i went downhill skiing once, and spent the whole time on my bum.

i'm not a fan of the snow, but i find it oddly comforting now that it's here- a little bit less like the apocalypse.