Saturday, January 06, 2007

way overdue shout out to my SP!

In the hecticness of the holiday season and my unique ability to suck at life I photographed my secret pals last fab package and promply misplaced my camera. So, I'm left to rephotograph it and finally post. It was an amazing package that arrived just a few days before Christmas. She sent me an adorable "great yarns knit froends together" mug. And some delish Tazo teas. my pal is a mind reader because I recently quit caffeine and they had a great selection of herbal and decaf teas. I'm lovin the decaf chai. It also has some great caffinated teas taht i'll keep on hand for company. There was a great little bag stuffed with 3 skeins of handpainted merino yarns. I'm going to make socks with it once i try a few pairs with some less fabulous yarn. Can't wait!
There is also something that I cannot photograph even with the new camera. My SP is a baker. Well not by occupation i don't think but she or he (she i think)baked delsih choclate orange bread that was promptly consumed by my family this Christmas.

I also have a photo of thr handknit ornament she made for me for Christmas. So adorable. I'd love the pattern for next year.

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