Saturday, May 17, 2008

I heart hype.

One of my favorite parts of the knitting hobby is aquistion of yarn. Especiallythe ungettable gets. I don't know of a more ungettable yarn than yarntini. I check ebay for yarntini everyday. I found my favorite colorway (sigh...vintage) in a (double sigh) cashmere. I stayed up way past my bedtime bidding only to lose the auction. The selling price went way past my budget. In the sanity of morning light, I almost pitied the a-hole that paid 50 big ones for a skein of yarn. Fourty bucks was my limit. It retails for$33. A fifty-one percent mark up is ridic no matter how ungettable.
I did eventually score some yarntini in cherry cordial. Beautiful, but certainly no vintage. Here's the thing. I'm not a sock knitter. Now that I had m fix what would I knit. i tried a chevron scarf and it looked like poo. So I tried alternating it with some brown merino wool and it also looked like poopie. So the truth be told I wanted yarntini case I couldn't have it. So with my disappointing yet coveted skein I think I will make this.

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knitlit kate said...

bummer on the vintage...i heart that colorway too. i have only ever owned two skeins of the ss yarntini: cherry cordial and pureknits (the pink/brown/cream one). i designed some chevron opera gloves based on some missoni gloves i saw in saratoga a few summers ago. i call them "ms. oni's" get it?? anyway, i'll be glad for you to try the pattern if you like! i think jenna made a pair. anyhoo, hope to see ya at a chix soon...i know erin is due back any time now!