Wednesday, May 07, 2008

motion sickness and empathy in Tennessee

* * * WARNING: Contains descriptions of public vomiting at high altitudes.

I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't worked on the house, seen friends or even knit in a couple weeks. I haven't done much of anything except gain a dependency on ibuprofen and massive amounts of sleep. I had a crown made with new fancy pants (not yet perfected) technology. I'm sure some people have great experiences with CERECbut I"m not one of them. The camera got the borders all wrong resulting in a headache for 3 weeks and more dental work and finally, a destruction of said expensive crown. Now That I'm still in pain and my face has swollen I'm looking at a root canal. I'm this close to getting the pliers out and pulling it myself.

When I was little my Dad would pull my loose teeth with pliers. I grew up thinking this was 'normal.'

I've been some killer Augmentin antibiotics that require me to eat at every dose which is something a person with tooth pain doesn't want to do. I was on my way to the airport at 5 AM to see my sister graduate from college. I ate a granola bar and swallowed my antibiotic, and tylenol, ibuprofen cocktail without much thought.

A few hours later, I was nauseous and made a run to the airport restroom and vomited. No biggie. I found my seat with my dignity still intact. Just as were about to land I really have to make another rest room stop. Completely prepared to break the rules of leaving my seat during landing, I realize the flight attendant is happily sitting in the jump seat blocking the lavatory door. " no problem, I'll mind over matter it. " I said to myself. I reassured myself that I haven't vomited anywhere but in a toilet since I was seven. Well, That's not counting the tequila shot Jack Daniels night in college. Mind over matter didn't work at all. and I was scrambling for one of those stupid bags. Can't find it anywhere.Turns ut it was stuck between some magazine pages. I end up vomiting on my jacket like a an incompetent jack 'A'. I have probably never been more embarassed. Fortunately the flight was over at this time and everyone acted as if nothing had happened.

I thnk I have a new most embarassing moment. I have funnier ones like losing my wrap skirt while working at a JC Penney and walking around the store in pumps, undies and a twin set. But this is more embarassing for some reason. I'm always surprised when patients are embarassed of bodily functions. I forget that I'm a decent nurse but I'm a terrible patient. I'm a grump when I'm in pain and it has been a good lesson in empathy. But I'm all done being in pain. Scheduling my root canal tomorrow.

THe trip was quite interesting. I forgot my camera so I have no picks to share but it was great to see Missy Graduate; difficult to coordinate anything with my family and hilarious to hang out in the grossest hotel I've ever stayed in. I will say this, Tennessee is s o green and beautiful this time of year. The weather was perfect and it was great to hang out with my brother. He is so good at helping us take ourselves a little less seriously.

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jenna said...

The bit about pulling loose teeth with pliers kinda gave me the willies. Can we please, PLEASE hear the story about working retail in underpants and a twinset???